How often should I be cleaning my dryer vent?

there are some factors that garner consideration as to often a dryer vent should be cleaned. These include but are not limited to the following considerations;

- the vent length and number of turns there are in the vent line

- the type of material the vent is constructed of (foil, plastic, hard metal)

- how much use does the dryer get (how many people are using the dryer, are there pets in the home)

- the type and model of dryer

some systems should be cleaned as often as every 3 mo. others once a year, some 2-3 years would be prudent.
dry times are a good indicator. How long does it take to dryer your clothes? 35-45 minutes is a normal dry cycle. Clothes should dry in one cycle. If they don't dry in one cycle that would be an indicator that its time to have your vent cleaned.

more to come...